Change is never easy. No matter what your reason for undergoing change, a “nimble” approach is essential for successfully managing all moving pieces successfully.  Our approach:

  1. Quickly understand, think through and devise a plan.
  2. Work effectively with all relevant stakeholders.
  3. Execute with ease and speed.
  4. Move as one organization towards a common vision or goal.

Our in-depth experience using this approach enables us to be “nimble” and scale our services to your specific needs while working effectively with your team. Our team is experienced in quickly understanding your business goals, challenges in the target audiences that will be undergoing the change, and how best to support multiple target audiences in various geographies on one project.

Clients come to us for the following services:

  • Strategy and Program Management: Our team specializes in setting up Program  Management Offices (PMO) for large projects; this usually has multiple vendors or initiatives, requires a project plan, project dashboards and reporting to several executives and stakeholders, and tracking of overall budget, workstreams, gate reviews, and governance across the project (including on-boarding and off-boarding of contractor and team members). We also provide a Program Manager and a team as part of this service.
  • Process: Our team will understand what processes we need to align to for success and share that to the other functional leads for a coordinated approach and to build a tailored approach to each client. Documenting the change in process or gaps as a result of the project goals is critical for understanding how to craft the overall change and training plans for the target audiences. Often, this service is overlooked or embedded into other areas of work, but we recommend a separate role, especially  for large projects.
  • Change Management: Our team will review the project charter and business benefits desired, assess the political landscape, understand target audiences to engage, understand the processes relevant to the change, develop a change plan, develop communications, websites, formulate a support model for end users and develop and adoption metrics that support business goals.
  • Training: Our team will develop a training plan, understand the day -to-day work of target audiences, develop training materials, deliver training, develop surveys and feedback mechanisms, and metrics for success

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