Case Study: U.K. Government G-to-B Website Launch

Preparing 8,000 United Kingdom (U.K.) government employees for Government-to-Business (G-to-B) website launch

Description of the scope of work:

Hired by the U.K. Department for Business, Innovation and Skills to implement my own customer relationship management recommendations for the launch of a new Government-to-Business (G-to-B) website, now( Additional clients included Acas, Companies House, Department of Trade and Industry, Inland Revenue, and HM Customs and Excise.

As an independent consultant, worked as part of a large team to  launch a G-to-B website in the United Kingdom. This was a highly visible project supported by the U.K. government. The business objectives of this new website were to promote entrepreneurial activity in the U.K. and  to provide a single point of entry to help businesses comply more easily across five separate government entities.

“Betty was responsible for producing professional, informative material for major government stakeholders. Betty’s work enabled others like myself to engage with these stakeholders in a much more effective manner than would have otherwise been possible.” Dave Black, Product Manager, Businesslink, July 13, 2008.

Nimble Consulting led and executed the work by using the following Approach:

1. Quickly understand, think through and devise a plan.

  • Analysis of current state against future state for website functionality.
  • Clear documentation and agreement of website benefits to business owners and future entrepreneurs.
  • Current state analysis of walk-in centers and call centers for business customers across the U.K. (training methods, lead-times, technology, culture, etc.).
  • Targeting specific walk-in centers and call centers to prepare for website launch.
  • Developing a project plan and coordinating with other components of larger project.

2. Work effectively with all relevant stakeholders.

  • Identify and work with all key stakeholders from a business perspective (website project, executive sponsors, government entity sponsors) and technology perspective (security, back-end IT progress, etc.).
  • Identify business owners of call centers, walk–in centers across the U.K.
  • Readiness Assessment: Visit and interview key stakeholders and conduct site visits to key call centers and walk-in centers; scope the communications and training needs.
  • Tailoring communication and training products accordingly.
  • Developing final products for training sessions and road show presentations.
  • Regular project meetings for internal project teams and coordinating/connecting stakeholders across the larger program as necessary.

3. Execute with ease and speed.

  • Once agreement of requirements around communications and training was reached, worked quickly with a small development team to produce final products.
  • Review draft versions with key stakeholders and pilot as necessary.

4. Move as one organization towards a common vision or goal.

  • Regularly pulsing business owners on progress, concerns, questions, etc.
  • Project coordination with internal project team members.
  • Road show presentations to  call center and walk-in center; preparing leaders of these centers.
  • Feedback mechanism.


Marketing/Project Management.

  • Successfully sold and scoped work to prepare 8,000 customer-facing employees across five organizations in the British government for the launch of the Government-to-Business website.
  • Identified customer needs and all customer-facing channels, built relationships with and collaborated across government organizations, hired sub-contractors, and delivered final products.

Product Development and Implementation.

  • Overcame inconsistencies in technology, capacity, mission, customer needs and timelines across these organizations to successfully produce useful, timely and relevant products in preparation for the launch.
  • Final products: CD-ROM about the new website for government staff, scripts for call centers, a static copy of the website at launch in April 2004, screenshot documents of the website’s key business topics, road show presentations (developed and delivered personally) and a leaflet about the website.
  • Results:  8,000 copies of products were distributed to walk-in centers, call centers and business centers across the five government departments prior to launch. Delivered a consistent and smooth hand-off between the website and each of the five British government departments from a customer service perspective across the various customer centers.

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