Case Study: Applying the Nimble Approach to New Sectors

Clean Tech as an example of applying our Nimble Approach:

The exciting and opportunistic space of Clean Tech requires being “nimble” while leveraging proven expertise in managing bright people, innovative ideas and healthy growth for any product, technology or company.

Clean Tech is a broad sector with niche areas (e.g., biofuels, solar, smart grid) that are distinct and unique in the challenges they face. Broadly, however, as a new growth sector, the Clean Tech industry poses the same common challenges that we have helped clients in other industries overcome. Specifically, both startups and established companies struggle with how to:

  • Develop and adapt strategy to meet the quickly changing competitive landscape (economy, policy, international competition, etc.).
  • Assess the true “viability” or commercialization of a new technology.
  • Effectively integrate new technology with established supply chain and infrastructure.
  • Keep up with national and international competition and trends.
  • Manage business expectations with investors and boards.
  • Build capacity of a new company or “specialty group.”
  • Develop leaders, effectively design organization, conduct hiring and succession planning.
  • Effectively target and obtain the right customers, collaborators and partners.
  • Strategically target and consider M&A opportunities.

In Clean Tech or any high-growth sector, the rapidly moving pieces and level of change requires juggling some or all of the above while executing effectively through various stages of growth.

Regardless of the driver for change, a “nimble” approach is essential for successfully managing all moving pieces successfully: 

  • Quickly understand, think through and devise a plan.
  • Work effectively with all relevant stakeholders.
  • Execute with ease and speed.
  • Move as one organization towards a common vision or goal.

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